About Us

Mim  Mim MacMahon

Mainly recognised as “the short one in the middle”, Mim has been singing in public since the age of five. For many years she combined this activity with a daily commute to outer London, but she has given this up in favour of a much easier one from the bedroom to the computer. She tends to be, vocally, in the middle of the Triangle sound, but has been known to wander.  Oh, and she writes tunes.

Mim lists her early influences as Vaughan Williams, Anon & Trad, prog, Tom Lehrer, her primary school teacher Mr Robinson and “Singing Together”.

sue  Sue Manley

In Triangle terms, Sue tends to sing/play all the heroes and, to be honest, all the villains and anyone else with a deep voice: ghosts, crones and, at one point, a war memorial.

Sue is the band’s techno-person, website creator and keeper of the stopwatch. She also has custody of the pitch-pipe.

Sophie  Sophie Watson

Described (though not by her bandmates) as “the glamorous one”, Sophie plays all the heroines but will also demonstrate her dramatic versatility by playing a ghost, a barmaid, the moon, the Mother of Jesus and a worshipper of the goddess Venus.

Most importantly, though, Sophie is our main lyricist..


If you are interested in the band’s history, it’s here.