Finally …

Finally, we were in front of a live audience last Saturday!

The IAA Town Concert had to be cancelled, because the Powers That Be felt that the audience planning to come was too small to make it worthwhile to open the Church. We’d have played for the plumber and his dog, but we could understand – with all the restrictions, it’s a lot of work to open up a building and, of course, close it again afterwards.

So, onward and upward, and Trianon Music Group had booked St Andrew’s, in Felixstowe, for one of their own Covid-secure concerts. We were something of a last minute replacement. The down-side of this gradual re-opening is that people find themselves to be double-booked, but, on this occasion, we were the beneficiaries and had a wonderful time! We took our friend David Markwell along to take some pictures, and he also produced this video:

Just a short section (the very last, as it happens) of our performance -enjoy!