We did it!

Finally, the long-awaited Ipswich Arts Association lunchtime concert happened!

And, to prove it, a photograph by David Markwell:

The audience seemed to enjoy our set, and we received the following from the organiser:

Hi Mim, Sophie and Sue.I just wanted to write and thank you once more for the lovely concert you gave last Thursday. We had a lot of feedback from the audience, who really enjoyed it. Remarks were made on your diction, and how well people could hear the words. (Chris G would be pleased!). I’m so pleased we were able to do this at long last, and that there was a reasonable audience.

The one thing we never thought about – diction! To be fair, the acoustic of Museum Street Methodist Church is absolutely marvellous for singing, so we did have a lot of help there!

Third time lucky …

Finally, our twice-postponed Ipswich Arts Association concert is due to take place at 1 pm on Thursday, 10th February 2022. Entry is free, but IAA would like you to reserve your seat – the e-mail address is below. The concert will run from 1.00 to 1.45, so should fit neatly into your lunch hour.

Busy, busy, busy!

We’re so sorry that we haven’t updated the page since July. Our only excuse is that we have been rather busy! Live music has definitely returned and we’re all making up for lost time. So, what have we got to tell you about?

The regular session on the last Thursday of the month at the Steamboat is now back in full swing. Please come along and get involved.

Our annual Mid-Winter Session at the Dove will be going ahead as usual, this year it’s on Sunday, 19th December. We’ll be starting at 1.30 pm this year and finishing when the last person runs out of oomph (usually around 5.30-6ish). The pub will open at 12 noon and will be doing food, so why not come along and have lunch before the session starts?

The big news, however, is that on Friday, 5th November, at 7.30 pm, we are back at Two Sisters Arts Centre as half of a double bill with Darklove, in the shape of songwriter and storyteller Justine de Mierre. Tickets are, as usual, available from Ticketsource. Go on, treat yourself!

Finally …

Finally, we were in front of a live audience last Saturday!

The IAA Town Concert had to be cancelled, because the Powers That Be felt that the audience planning to come was too small to make it worthwhile to open the Church. We’d have played for the plumber and his dog, but we could understand – with all the restrictions, it’s a lot of work to open up a building and, of course, close it again afterwards.

So, onward and upward, and Trianon Music Group had booked St Andrew’s, in Felixstowe, for one of their own Covid-secure concerts. We were something of a last minute replacement. The down-side of this gradual re-opening is that people find themselves to be double-booked, but, on this occasion, we were the beneficiaries and had a wonderful time! We took our friend David Markwell along to take some pictures, and he also produced this video:

Just a short section (the very last, as it happens) of our performance -enjoy!

Live at Last! And only one year late!

Yes, this very Thursday, as ever was!

Once again, Triangle is performing somewhere that isn’t our own living room. Come and join us at Museum Street Methodist Church at 1.00 pm on Thursday for an hour or so of us!

Ipswich Arts Association Lunchtime Concert – 10th June 2021, 1.00 pm

You will need to pre-book your seat for this COVID-secure oasis of peace, if not quiet, and the e-mail address you need is contained within the link above.

You may remember that this concert was scheduled – back in the pre-COVID days – for 11th June 2020, so it’s rather pleasing that we are only a year late!

Objective achieved!

I think we can safely say that the Crocus of Hope is looking brighter and better this week. Thanks to everyone who came to our little corner of cyberspace for what turned out to be slightly over an hour of music. Yes, we talk too much, particularly when interrupted by cats!

If you didn’t make it on Sunday, or if there is something you would like to hear again, the (slightly) tidied-up version is now on YouTube here:

Thanks to the interesting way in which Zoom gives you the files of your recorded meeting, I have now got audio versions of all the songs, so I am planning to do separate versions of any of them which sound reasonable – there has never been a perfect live performance, anywhere, of anything – and put those on YouTube separately, but that will take a while.

We’re now going to take a break for the Easter holiday, so we’ll see you after that!