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We did it!

Finally, the long-awaited Ipswich Arts Association lunchtime concert happened!

And, to prove it, a photograph by David Markwell:

The audience seemed to enjoy our set, and we received the following from the organiser:

Hi Mim, Sophie and Sue.I just wanted to write and thank you once more for the lovely concert you gave last Thursday. We had a lot of feedback from the audience, who really enjoyed it. Remarks were made on your diction, and how well people could hear the words. (Chris G would be pleased!). I’m so pleased we were able to do this at long last, and that there was a reasonable audience.

The one thing we never thought about – diction! To be fair, the acoustic of Museum Street Methodist Church is absolutely marvellous for singing, so we did have a lot of help there!

Third time lucky …

Finally, our twice-postponed Ipswich Arts Association concert is due to take place at 1 pm on Thursday, 10th February 2022. Entry is free, but IAA would like you to reserve your seat – the e-mail address is below. The concert will run from 1.00 to 1.45, so should fit neatly into your lunch hour.