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It’s 2021 Already!

Well, 2020 was a bit of a rollercoaster, wasn’t it. However, from the Triangle Music point of view, it had its up-sides. We became a support bubble and, as such, with not much to do but rehearse (and eat, and drink tea – so no change there!), we became a kind of go-to, ready-to-go band – and we weren’t complaining!

We also pushed the boat out and got ourselves a paid-up Zoom account, so that we could keep Folk at the Boat going through the bad times. It has been a delight to welcome friends and performers from places far from New Cut West, and we are wondering if, when normal service resumes, it will be possible to maintain the Zoom link so that we can share the live session with our more distant chums. Watch this space!

New songs got written. Ooh! New Songs!!

Now, the question arises: how do we get those songs out of our living rooms and into the wider world? Plans for another collaboration fell through at the last minute, so we felt that we were “all dressed up and nowhere to go” – but, hang on, we have a Zoom account … so, why not come and join us?


Sunday 21st March 2021 at 1500 hrs

A chance for YOU to be present as we celebrate the Spring Equinox with the launching and recording of THREE fabulous brand-new songs!
You’ll need to take our word for that of course (and we are a bit biased) but we think you are really going to enjoy our new work.
The gig is free at the point of entry, but we are asking for donations to FIND (Families in Need Ipswich).
Please contact us for the Zoom link, either through Facebook or by e-mail at or

The Joy of a Real Live Audience!

Well, here we all are, locked down again (although we aren’t supposed to call it “Lockdown” we all know it is, really!) and live performance has come to a halt again.

But we did manage to get one gig in front of a live audience before everything crashed. Suzanne Hawkes at the wonderful Two Sisters Arts Centre valiantly stayed open all through the autumn and we had the privilege of performing there in October. That gig is now available on their YouTube channel for the not unreasonable cost to you of £5.00. Go on, you’ve got all that extra spare time …

Suzanne writes:


Well – its now available on You Tube – and you can access it for the very small sum of £5 – which will not only give you the pleasure of enjoying this fabulous concert – but also help support Two Sisters Arts Centre during this second period of lockdown

email: and you will be sent details of how to pay and then the link


Performing anyway!

Our gig at Two Sisters Arts Centre was the weekend before everything kind of went pear-shaped. Inspired by both the building – the former St Mary’s Church – and the events that were unfolding, Sophie wrote a new song. Mim then composed and arranged a tune and, locked down as we are, we decided that, yes, we could rehearse and put a performance together. By the miracle that is a couple of decent cameras, Dropbox and a video editing programme, ladies and gentlemen: this is “Sanctuary”

2020 – We’re still hoping …

Our Ipswich Arts Association concert, originally scheduled for 11th June, has now been postponed and will take place next year.

We are currently negotiating a date with Two Sisters Arts Centre for a gig later this year.

So, you see, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

2020 – Looking forward …

… because you’ve got to. There is a future.

On Thursday 11th June at 1300 hrs, we are giving the Ipswich Arts Association lunchtime concert at Museum Street Methodist Church. So far, this has evaded postponement and cancellation, but we’ll keep you posted.

Our rescheduled Showcase at the Milkmaid Folk Club, Bury St Edmunds will, we hope, take place on Friday 21st August at 2000 hrs. Please keep an eye on the club’s website for updates.

2020 – What a year …

… and it’s only three months old! There’s not much we can say in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, except that when it’s all over there will be gigs, and there will be new songs. It takes more than a world-wide crisis to keep Triangle down!

The good news is that our gig at the Two Sisters Arts Centre in Trimley did actually take place – slipping just under the wire before everything started to close down. We were enchanted to see our name on the posters and, as for the gig itself … what a fabulous acoustic! And the audience were wonderful. We hope to be back there in the future.

A Different Kind of Normal

Our dear friend Carys is on the cusp of completing her first solo album! It was always going to happen eventually, and eventually is NOW!!

We are thrilled to have been invited to participate in the launch party at the John Peel Centre in Stowmarket on 27th April at 7.30. Tickets will set you back no more than a fiver – and worth at least twice that! Follow the link above …

Bury St Edmunds – Thursday 11th May

We are lucky enough to have a half hour slot at Bury Folk Collective‘s Wired Folk Night at the Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds this Thursday.

The evening starts at 7.30 and will cost you £3.00 to get in – it will be worth it!

We’ve been a little low-key about this one, for personal reasons, but are hugely glad to confirm that we will be there, and we hope you will be too.

A New Session! Starting this Sunday!

spreadeagleThe Spread Eagle in Ipswich is starting a new folk/acoustic session on the third Sunday afternoon of the month and we’ve somehow found ourselves involved! The beer is superb, the food is delicious and all it needs now is for you to come along, sing a song, tell a story or play a tune. The plan is for an easy-going session so we will (initially, at least) be asking people to come in, get a beer, find a seat and, if they want to, propose themselves as performers. To keep the atmosphere relaxed there will be a list (on a blackboard where everyone can see it) which will tell you when you’re on and everyone else who they are listening to. That’s the plan so far, but only time will tell …