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Digital Downloads …

As you know, you can download the album from our Bandcamp page, but there is nothing to stop you finding it with other digital retailers. A brief check this evening has shown that, among others, “This will go onward the same” is available from Amazon. Amazon seem to think that the band is called “The Triangle”, whereas we all know that this is the Triangle …triangle


Get your luvverly albums ‘ere!

flyer1Yes, it’s time to start counting the pennies! Only a week now until our lovely new album is released into the big wide world. Order it or download it from our Bandcamp site, or you could contact us direct – it’d be lovely to talk to you! And you don’t have to wait for the release date if you speak to us!

Stage One Complete!

The new album is recorded, criticised minutely and mastered. The cover design is taking shape and we have nearly managed to agree on the order of tracks (only nearly, mind!). We’re looking into replication and physical and online retail options.

All very exciting, but we are slightly “on hold” at the moment because, in a rerun of what happened in the run-up to releasing “Time Out Of Mind”, two of the band have been stricken with illness. Once again, Sue is Last Man Standing. However, this does give us the breathing space to plan a proper strategy for releasing our magnum opus! Keep watching this space!

Who needs microphones, anyway?

… although it would have been nice to have had them.

Folk At The Boat was interrupted by what we can only describe as a monsoon and, as the stage had been set up outside, there followed a short debate on What To Do Next. The suggestion that Triangle should perform on the stage at one end of the courtyard while their audience huddled in the pub at the other end was greeted with – shall we say – some negativity on the part of the band. The compromise position was that we would perform in the pub (cue a certain amount of furniture removal) but unplugged.

So we did! A full hour’s set with not an electrical device in sight. And (we are told) we were audible throughout the bar. Very, very hard work, and our voices are feeling distinctly fragile now, but huge thanks to the pub, the organisers and the audience!

First draft complete. Now for the live action!

Well, the first (and, in some cases, second) mixes of the album are complete and we’re listening carefully to everything to see what needs doing. However, while you’re waiting, there are opportunities to hear us in person. The first is at Folk at the Boat, at the Steamboat, Ipswich, on Saturday 11th June. Les Barker and Waxies Dargle are the headliners – full details here – and we’re on at 7 pm. Tickets are £10.00 and we can promise you a fantastic day of music.


Six down, nine to go …

“If you’ve done 6 impossible things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe?”

In a feat of concentration which led to the kitchen at Punch Studios being renamed Milliways (it’s a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference) we managed to lay down six tracks for the new album between 10 am and lunchtime – we’d already had breakfast. It will get harder from here on in, but we are really pleased with the progress we’ve made. We’re back at the studio tomorrow, then we get a month to put in some intensive rehearsal on the most recent songs and arrangements before they get recorded.


It’s tomorrow! All this weekend we will be in the studio, cracking on with the album! We’re excited, scared and everything in between. Wish us luck!